Philip Booth
23 August 2013

Once again, a major mis-selling scandal has broken out, with 13 high street banks and credit card issuers facing a £1.3bn redress bill for mis-sold card protection policies. No amount of...
Philip Booth
12 January 2012

My last blog post was on recycling so I guess it is appropriate if I recycle some material from an old blog post to deal with Nick Clegg’s latest attack on the  'it’s not...
Mark Littlewood
21 October 2011

  A year has now passed since the government published the results of its Comprehensive Spending Review. Brazenly, Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has marked the...
Peter Urwin
13 October 2011
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The continued stagnation of the UK economy has led to calls for a less harsh programme of public spending cuts. This line of reasoning is flawed, as any gains from a loosening of the purse strings...