Philip Booth
26 October 2012
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  When the euro was formed, the economic debate was marked by a paradox. Liberal economists on the continent were enthusiastic – they believed the euro’s adoption would force...
G. R. Steele
18 September 2012

  President Obama’s 2009 stimulus has been a disappointment: the Keynesian response is that it failed because it was not big enough. So, now we have Ben Bernanke’s rescue act:...
Eduardo Belgrano
17 September 2012

  We are so accustomed to our present currency system that it is difficult to imagine a system of more than one currency circulating side by side. However such a monetary system has existed...
Juan Ramón Rallo
14 September 2012
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  Living on debt is a Western disease which has been fuelled by the universalisation of inconvertible paper money. Obviously, Spain has not been immune, as anyone can clearly check by...
André Azevedo Alves
15 August 2012

About a year ago, I wrote that although the focus (at the time) was on Portugal, the viability of the euro would largely depend on what happened with Spain. At the time, the warning signals...
Ángel Martín Oro
18 April 2012

  After just four months in office, the new Spanish government faces a very difficult situation. The measures implemented by Mariano Rajoy’s administration have not been as effective...
Richard Wellings
27 October 2011

European leaders are advocating greater fiscal integration in response to the ongoing euro crisis. Despite their professed euroscepticism, David Cameron and George Osborne have offered their...