Carlo Stagnaro
10 March 2013

  Italy had its general election on February 25-26. The centre-left coalition led by the Democratic Party’s Pier Luigi Bersani obtained a large majority in the Chamber - where the...
Holger Zemanek
24 November 2011

The results of the last EU summit were labelled by politicians as the final step to resolve the eurozone debt crisis. The member states’ guarantees to the EFSF, the supranational rescue fund...
Philip Booth
15 November 2011
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Mario Monti has the technical ability to deliver much needed privatisation and liberalisation, but whether he is able to survive the rigours of democratic politics is another matter. When the euro...
Paul Ormerod
9 November 2011

To many people, this phrase is an oxymoron. How can fiscal contraction be expansionary? But the evidence suggests that this is exactly what has been happening in the United States. In terms of...