Mark Littlewood
10 April 2014
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Though you wouldn’t know it if from watching the BBC, opinion polls suggest that about half of British people want to leave the EU. But, what would we do if we left? If there is a referendum on...
Steve Davies
9 April 2014
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It would be easy to think that the debate about Britain’s membership of the EU has been done to death. Yet there has been relatively little serious discussion about the alternatives to EU...
Graeme Leach
17 July 2013

A key part of EU policy over the last 20 years or so has been the completion of what is described as an ‘internal market’. This involves not just the removal of explicit trade barriers...
Philip Booth
16 July 2013

Within two years of entering the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973, there was strong public support for Britain’s membership. In the 1975 referendum on the issue, 67 per cent voted to...
Kristian Niemietz
22 November 2011

BBC World’s Latin America section has provided a sympathetic review of a Bolivian documentary titled ‘¿Por que quebró McDonald’s en Bolivia?’ (Why did McDonald...