Kristian Niemietz
2 July 2015
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What I admire about the anti-capitalist left is their ability to present their ideas as somehow "unorthodox" and "anti-mainstream", when they are clearly nothing of the sort. Go...
Ryan Bourne
22 June 2015

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. On 12 June, 79 economists wrote to the Guardian condemning George Osborne’s plans to run budget surpluses “in good times...
Philip Booth
30 April 2015

What is striking about Paul Krugman’s recent article in the Guardian criticising the British ‘austerity culture’ is the complete lack of curiosity about the varied and very distinct...
Ryan Bourne
1 April 2015
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Robert Peston is currently running a piece entitled: ‘Who to trust - business leaders or economists?’ regarding the election and broad economic strategy on the BBC website. This morning...
Andrew Lilico
24 March 2015

Dr Andrew Lilico, member of the IEA’s Academic Advisory Council, writes for CapX:   Paul Krugman once did something or other quite good on the economics of trade, winning him the Nobel...
Steven Kates
14 May 2014

I am reading the Economist and Financial Times 2013 book of the year, Stephen D. King's When the Money Runs Out: The End of Western Affluence. From its pages I can certainly see what the latest...
Philip Booth
23 May 2013

The opening lines of the press conference presenting the IMF’s report on the UK economy did not bode well. The IMF’s deputy managing director David Lipton congratulated the government...
Mark Littlewood
12 March 2013

British Chancellor George Osborne and United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron received a timely reminder today that their tough-sounding rhetoric about getting the nation's public finances...
Richard Wellings
30 November 2011

The Autumn Statement showed that George Osborne has failed to grasp the gravity of the economic crisis facing the UK. Urgent action was needed to brace the economy for double-dip recession and the...