Gabriel Sahlgren
9 May 2016

In the past decades, an increasing number of governments have pursued reforms to increase choice, competition and autonomy in education. Research indicates that these reforms have generally had...
Gabriel Sahlgren
22 October 2013
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In a jab at Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is said to soon be requiring that all free schools and academies hire teachers with officially approved teacher...
Gabriel H. Sahlgren
29 March 2012

  In the debate over proposed market reforms in the NHS, opinions are plentiful but few commentators back up their opinions with evidence.  So, what does the evidence say? It is...
James Croft
6 December 2011

Evaluating the system-wide impact of choice and competition on educational outcomes is a difficult task. Last summer Rebecca Allen, in a paper for Research in Public Policy, offered a useful...