Christopher Snowdon
8 September 2014

Owen Jones’ new book, The Establishment, promises to be more than your average left-wing polemic against austerity, banksters, globalisation and ConDems. The blurb promotes it as an expos...
Christopher Snowdon
22 August 2013

A register of lobbyists would be an expensive bureaucratic folly that would serve no useful purpose. There may be a perception that lobbying in Britain is of scandalous proportions, but that does not...
Christopher Snowdon
24 January 2013

In The Guardian this week, Zoe Williams laments the charity sector’s failure to speak out against government policy. She attributes this supposed conspiracy of silence to the statutory...
Chris Snowdon
28 June 2012

If he maintains this Stakhanovite work-rate, Dominic Sandbrook will have written the definitive, 8,000-page history of Britain’s post-Churchillian twentieth century by the time he is 44 years...
Chris Snowdon
9 May 2012

On 23 January 1912, representatives from twelve nations signed the International Opium Convention, which contracted them to ‘use their best endeavours to control, or to cause to be controlled...
Christopher Snowdon
1 March 2012
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The early findings of the Office for National Statistics’ much-discussed survey of national well-being have confirmed what anybody who is familiar with the field of ‘happiness...
Chris Snowdon
13 January 2012

  The New Economics Foundation recently revived its idea of restricting working hours to 21 hours per week as a means of creating full employment and achieving the work-life balance that is...
Christopher Snowdon
9 December 2011
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This week, the OECD issued a press release headlined ‘Governments must tackle record gap between rich and poor’. The report it heralded focused on the causes of growing inequality in...