Philip Booth
25 January 2016

Recently, Ian King, in The Times, highlighted the lunacy of Transport for London’s statement about profits from London Underground: “We don’t make a profit because we reinvest all...
David Starkie
13 March 2015

Government spending on infrastructure is a subject on which Keynesians and Neoclassicists tend to agree. The former are interested in the short-term stimulus effect, while the latter see it as a way...
Philip Booth
9 January 2015

There are not many things that economists are agreed upon. However, to slightly corrupt a quip attributed to George Bernard Shaw, if you laid all the economists in the world end-to-end around the M25...
Richard Wellings
17 July 2012

Is electrifying branch lines in Wales a top priority for transport investment? It seems unlikely. But then again the government’s plans to invest £9.4bn in rail infrastructure show...
Philip Booth
24 May 2012

Michael Sandel is in town at the moment to promote his book How Markets Crowd Out Morals. His article on the subject in the Boston Review is a clever piece that makes some interesting points. But...
Kyn Aizlewood
10 January 2012

In July 2011, the IEA published a study on the government’s plans to develop a high speed rail network in England. High Speed 2 (HS2) extends the UK’s initial foray into high speed...
Richard Wellings
21 December 2011
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As the economic slump persists, calls are growing for an increase in infrastructure spending as a means of boosting growth. Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg have announced plans for the delivery...