G. R. Steele
13 February 2013

  Little more than three years ago, Ireland’s taxpayers were saddled with around 40 billion euros of debt, after their government had been pushed by the European Central Bank into...
G. R. Steele
10 August 2012
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If ever you see a €100 banknote in the gutter, don’t bother to stop. If it were real, someone would already have picked it up. The same is true of a ruse to save the euro. Writing in the...
Philip Booth
15 June 2012

There has long been support for the EU project in the Vatican but, as ever in these matters, we have to ask whether governments and supra-national organisations remain the servants of the people or...
Adam Tebble
6 January 2012

BBC Online recently produced an informative presentation entitled ‘What really caused the eurozone crisis?’ Taking the reader through a number of key steps and moments, it shows in...