Philip Booth
12 November 2014

It has long been one of my personal gripes that the UK spends a large amount of money on energy market interventions to reduce carbon emissions whilst simultaneously providing domestic consumers with...
Matt Ridley
5 September 2014

In this interview for ieaTV, Matt Ridley explains that shale gas is readily available in the UK and can be extracted relatively cheaply. Moreover, the environmental problems associated with the...
Carlo Stagnaro
24 July 2014
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The UK - once a champion of competition in electricity and natural gas markets - is about to take another move towards greater centralisation and state control. On 16 July 2014, Energy Secretary Ed...
Colin Robinson
25 September 2013

It is nearly seventy years since Friedrich Hayek dedicated The Road to Serfdom to ‘the socialists of all parties’. Sadly, socialism remains alive and well, and nowhere more so than in the...
Philip Booth
6 November 2012

Let us set aside the argument about whether global warming is a serious threat that we can address through Government policy. Let’s assume that it is. Given the threat, should we go about...
Carlo Stagnaro
13 July 2012

  Can an intermittent source be integrated into a liberalised electricity market? It is technically feasible, but, if subsidies come into play, intermittent generation threatens to undermine...
Kristian Niemietz
10 February 2012

Imagine your neighbour buys a car, a new model which has not been tested yet. Over the next few months, you realise that he has nothing but trouble with it. The car is unreliable, inefficient and...