Ryan Bourne
2 April 2014

As the economic debate has shifted away from macroeconomic outcomes to living standards, politicians across all parties have become increasingly interested in pay, particularly for those on low...
Len Shackleton
5 August 2013

Last week, the National Minimum Wage (NMW) celebrated its fifteenth birthday. It has not been the disaster some feared – largely because the Low Pay Commission set rates conservatively, taking...
Philip Booth
23 May 2013

The opening lines of the press conference presenting the IMF’s report on the UK economy did not bode well. The IMF’s deputy managing director David Lipton congratulated the government...
Len Shackleton
9 October 2012
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  After apparently backing away from comprehensive schemes for liberalising the labour market, the government yesterday made a small gesture in this direction. In his Conservative conference...
Len Shackleton
14 February 2012
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David Cameron’s trip to the Nordic-Baltic conference seems to have reinforced his view that companies should be pressurised into putting women on their boards. At present he favours Lord...