Steve Davies
16 October 2014

The news that Leonard Liggio has died (5 July 1933 to 14 October 2014) will not have attracted much attention in the wider world. However, in the world of classical liberalism and particularly...
Colin Robinson
28 July 2014

Friends of the IEA will be saddened to hear of the death last month of Marjorie Seldon. Marjorie, who was 94, was the wife of Arthur Seldon, who was the first Editorial Director of the IEA for about...
Stefan Kolev
14 July 2014

Does liberty need a constitution? Or, what might at first glance sound even more paradoxical, does it need a framework of rules for a free society to be established and to flourish? F. A. Hayek...
Daniel J. D'Amico
1 December 2013

The title and cover art for Peter Boettke's latest book Living Economics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are no doubt symbolic of economic theory as a field of study, and also the history of...
Steve Davies
13 June 2013

Liberalism as a political doctrine has had an enormous amount written about it over the years, mainly by philosophers. Surprisingly, historians, and particularly historians of thought, have had...
Tom Papworth
25 June 2012

The Orange Book's authors made the book what it is. Had it not been for David Laws MP and Paul Marshall, it might have been nothing more than an obscure collection of policy articles...
Mark Pennington
19 October 2011

Amartya Sen is a great economist and social philosopher whose willingness to recognise a central role for market institutions in securing economic development and individual freedom shows...
Mark Pennington
29 June 2011

The economic historian Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie is an intellectual heroine of modern classical liberalism. Her work on the operation of proto-industries such as woollens manufacture in sixteenth...
Mark Pennington
21 June 2011
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When advancing the case for ‘free markets ‘ classical liberals are often chided for failing to recognise the wisdom of Karl Polanyi. In The Great Transformation Polanyi claimed that the...
Mark Pennington
14 January 2011

Last month I attended a speech by Richard Thaler, of ‘Nudge’ fame. Professor Thaler is an engaging speaker. His assertion that ‘libertarian paternalism’ is merely an...
Richard Wellings
13 January 2011

Classical liberals can point to numerous examples of robust economic growth coinciding with low taxes and light-touch regulation: Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries; the US before the 1930s;...
Mark Pennington
10 January 2011

At the core of my new book, Robust Political Economy: Classical Liberalism and the Future of Public Policy, is a very basic but oft neglected idea – ‘failure’ is endemic to all...
Andrew Melnyk
19 April 2010

Several newspapers (e.g. the Guardian and the Telegraph) have recently carried obituaries of the English philosopher Antony Flew. These obituaries have emphasized the remarkable change of mind by...
Richard Wellings
15 September 2009

●  Philip Booth argues we need less financial regulation if we want a less oligopolistic financial sector   ●  Patrick Basham examines the evidence on young smokers and tobacco...
Richard Wellings
11 March 2009

●  Don Boudreaux sets out the unsung successes of the market   ●  Ruth Lea warns that very low interest rates could be counter-productive   ●  Andrew Lilico explains the...
Peter King
25 February 2009

Those of us interested in extending personal freedom tend to make some rather glib assumptions in our thinking. For instance, it has been argued by several people recently on the IEA blog (with...
Martin Ricketts
10 November 2008

The recent death of Norman Barry is a great loss to the cause of classical liberalism. For Norman was one of its most effective advocates. He was a rare example of a person who was a master of the...

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