Vuk Vukovic
14 November 2012

A lot of pro fiscal stimulus arguments in the USA and the UK come from the classical zero lower bound (ZLB) assumption, in which conventional monetary policy is said to be ineffective...
Vuk Vukovic
23 July 2012

Europe is once again on the edge of the cliff. Spain is out of money to finance itself and its banks; Greece, even though the pro-bailout coalition was formed, remains Europe’s...
Vuk Vukovic
18 June 2012
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As its crisis continues, more and more people are calling for Greece to follow the Argentine 2001 example and devalue its currency. This would imply leaving the euro and returning to...
Vuk Vukovic
23 April 2012

Last month saw the first eurozone default. Greece defaulted on its debt, but this event, contrary to popular belief in the final quarter of 2011, did not cause an abrupt panic. It did not force...