Kristian Niemietz
2 July 2015
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What I admire about the anti-capitalist left is their ability to present their ideas as somehow "unorthodox" and "anti-mainstream", when they are clearly nothing of the sort. Go...
Charles B. Blankart
18 May 2015

Tax competition among Swiss cantons and municipalities puts downward pressure on taxation, but it does not lead towards a policy of low taxes at any price. Cantons are usually not prepared to...
Eduardo Belgrano
1 April 2015

We can probably safely say that those who still believe that Greece will repay the €320bn+ it owes can be counted with the fingers of one hand. What is really puzzling is why Greek politicians...
Markus C. Kerber
16 March 2015

In recent years, euroscepticism has been growing in the UK and elsewhere. This is largely due to concerns about a perceived overreach of EU institutions, coupled with insufficient accountability to...
Frank Hollenbeck
4 March 2015

Greece shed its shackles only to realize that it was still in prison. Nothing has been resolved, and the can has been kicked down the road for another four months. Europe will continue the illusion...
Diego Zuluaga
6 February 2015

The sovereign debt crisis that gripped the euro zone in 2011-12 threw into the spotlight the problems with a currency union lacking fiscal transfers between members and the mutualisation of their...
Philip Booth
28 November 2012
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Another bailout deal has been secured for Greece. Some of the country’s borrowing will be written off – it will be left with a debt to GDP ratio of 'only' 125 per cent. But is...
Juan Ramón Rallo
13 August 2012

Madrid's persistent pressure for the European Central Bank (ECB) to monetise part of its debt is necessarily a self-defeating strategy. Once the Spanish government recognises that it is unable...
G. R. Steele
10 August 2012
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If ever you see a €100 banknote in the gutter, don’t bother to stop. If it were real, someone would already have picked it up. The same is true of a ruse to save the euro. Writing in the...
Holger Zemanek
26 June 2012

Political instability in Greece and a further worsening of the banking crisis in Spain recently sparked a new wave of the European debt crisis. The possibility of Greece leaving the eurozone...
Philip Booth
15 June 2012

There has long been support for the EU project in the Vatican but, as ever in these matters, we have to ask whether governments and supra-national organisations remain the servants of the people or...
Juan Ramón Rallo
12 June 2012

Although the Spanish government refuses to tell the truth to the citizenry, both the government and the banks have clearly been bailed out by the Eurogroup. Spain’s financial entities,...
André Azevedo Alves
30 May 2012
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As odd as it may seem, Alexis Tsipras may well be the eurozone's best hope at the moment. As Greece heads towards new elections and a clear majority of the electorate is seemingly...