Diego Zuluaga
4 April 2016
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A blog post by the OECD linking the rise of finance to lower economic growth and higher inequality made the rounds recently. The post summarises the findings of a recent report by the rich-country...
Philip Booth
5 July 2012

The spotlight in the Libor rate-fixing scandal has moved. Questions are being asked about the culpability of the FSA, which may well have ignored repeated warnings about Libor calculations from...
Philip Booth
8 June 2012

Europe is riddled with bad debt. In some countries, such as Spain, banking systems are in chaos. In other countries, the government has accumulated sufficient debt that it does not even require a...
Philip Booth
7 June 2012

There is some sense in the EU’s new plans to change the way in which banks are regulated. In particular, there are two major problems with the current system of regulation in the EU. Firstly...