Christopher Snowdon
12 January 2016

Stephen Bubb, chairman of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), has written an article for the Telegraph opposing government proposals to extend the Freedom of...
Steven Horwitz
2 November 2015

“The motives of fear and greed are what the market brings to prominence,” argues G.A. Cohen in Why Not Socialism? “One’s opposite-number marketeers are predominantly seen as...
Christopher Snowdon
24 February 2015

As Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles has long taken a principled stand against what he calls 'government lobbying government' and 'lobbying on the...
Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Coyne
5 January 2015

Many associate markets with self-interest and greed whilst associating politics with other-regarding, publicly-interested behaviour. Perhaps nowhere is this view more prevalent than in the speeches...
Ryan Bourne
10 June 2014

Like many others, on Sunday evening I watched Soccer Aid – an annual charity football match featuring well-known ex-footballers and a raft of celebrities. All funds raised go to Unicef, to...
Tom Miers
27 September 2013
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  The IEA has often pointed to the unhealthy symbiosis that has grown up in recent years between government and NGOs. These ‘non-governmental organisations’ – usually called...
Christopher Snowdon
22 August 2013

A register of lobbyists would be an expensive bureaucratic folly that would serve no useful purpose. There may be a perception that lobbying in Britain is of scandalous proportions, but that does not...
Christopher Snowdon
3 October 2012
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  The question of whether the government should be funding pressure groups is one that faces politicians across the developed world. The Australian state of Queensland has decided that...
Christopher Snowdon
24 September 2012
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  The pressure group Hope Not Hate is celebrating the news that the British National Party will be denied €100,000 of European Union funding. After lobbying from the organisation, the...
Chris Snowdon
11 June 2012

2008 represented something of a milestone for Britain’s charity sector as it was the year in which it received more money from government than from individuals. This was emblematic of the...