Ryan Bourne
27 January 2015

If ‘tax avoidance’ is the answer, what is the question? For many years it might have been: ‘what subject excites only a small number of tax lawyers and HMRC officials?’ But in...
Kristian Niemietz
4 December 2014

When Chancellor George Osborne spoke about 'aggressive tax planning' in his Autumn Statement speech, I couldn't help the image of 'Irwin R. Shyster' from creeping up in my mind....
Len Shackleton
2 December 2013

The issue of tax avoidance cannot be divorced from the nature of the tax system, and that in turn cannot sensibly be discussed without thinking about what governments spend. We have a hugely...
Philip Booth
12 July 2013
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The aspect of the tax avoidance debate which most exercises organisations such as Christian Aid is the issue of the taxation of companies with subsidiaries in poor countries. Christian Aid links tax...
Philip Booth
21 June 2013

  When it comes to the debate on tax avoidance, the coalition seems to struggle in two respects. The first problem is that the government seems unable to articulate the idea that the main...
Philip Booth
24 May 2013

Earlier this week, I appeared on Radio 5 to talk about tax avoidance. The news hook was a speech by Ed Miliband on the supposed problems of Google’s low corporation tax payments. Of course,...
Philip Booth
3 December 2012

Those attacking companies not paying corporation tax have opened up a new line of argument. Specifically, members of the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee have argued that because...
Philip Booth
21 September 2012

I was surprised to see The Times run a front page, a three page feature and a leader on tax avoidance yesterday. The arguments used by The Times, and the specific examples highlighted were...
Philip Booth
10 July 2012

It is perhaps surprising that senior people in the Catholic Church have been relatively quiet in the recent debate about tax avoidance. But, keeping quiet is probably a good strategy. After all,...
Len Shackleton
21 June 2012

I admit that I’ve never been a fan of Jimmy Carr and am surprised to learn just how much he has apparently been earning for his rather predictable anti-establishment comedy. But if...