Len Shackleton
28 July 2016

It is a constantly-reiterated view on the Left that the Conservatives are hell-bent on attacking employment rights and deregulating the labour market. We were warned during the referendum debate by...
Kristian Niemietz
6 September 2013
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Unemployment and underemployment in the UK are still far too high. But given the circumstances, the UK’s labour market is in a far better shape than we might have expected. In much of Europe,...
Steve Davies
2 July 2013

Payday loans and pawnbrokers are a common feature of the nation’s high streets today, as they have been for centuries.  Recently however they have experienced something of a boom. Now they...
Philip Booth
24 July 2012

Employment minister Chris Grayling might be going on holiday pretty chuffed with himself after the latest employment figures. On the other hand, a lot of other ministers have much to think about as...