Ryan Bourne
19 January 2015
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Global capitalism has eradicated poverty and generated prosperity in the developing world at an unprecedented rate. You might imagine that a global anti-poverty charity, such as Oxfam, would...
Kristian Niemietz
4 February 2013

Even in its current shackled and constrained form, modern capitalism still has a lot to show for it. One of the greatest developments of the last two decades has to be the extension of air travel...
Kristian Niemietz
28 January 2013

When New Labour came to power, one in five children lived in a household with no adult in work, so it was not unreasonable that parental work levels became a priority for the new government. A key...
Kristian Niemietz
18 January 2013

Imagine there was a Food Tax which had the effect of raising food prices by, say, 17% on average. The tax revenue was collected centrally, and then disbursed to agricultural producers. That tax...
Kristian Niemietz
8 January 2013

Anyone who has ever read half a page in a Public Choice textbook will, if nothing else, at least have taken the following insight on board: if the benefits of a policy are tangible and concentrated...