Greta Gietz
2 February 2016

With the migrant crisis preoccupying Europe’s media and public debates, France’s “economic and social emergency” is easily forgotten. France reported a 10.6% unemployment rate...
Diego Zuluaga Laguna
31 July 2015

The latest episode in the Greek debt drama, which ended with the Greek government’s agreement to undertake much-needed reforms in labour market regulation, tax and pensions in exchange for a...
Ryan Bourne
29 July 2014
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‘The UK is becoming a low-skilled, low-pay economy, and ordinary workers aren’t sharing in the proceeds of growth.’ How often do we hear this? Those who articulate these views,...
Emmanuel Martin
5 March 2013

French president Francois Hollande is walking on a tightrope. Many of the promises he has made seem to be untenable. Firstly, Mr. Hollande has failed to ‘stimulate’ French growth. The...