Philip Booth
16 August 2013

On becoming governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney made some statements about women which were somewhat intriguing. He argued that: ‘It is anomalous, it’s striking. What we have to...
G. R. Steele and John Whittaker
13 August 2013
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Although macroeconomic policy has become largely confined to monetary-policy initiatives - that is, meddling with interest rates - the Keynesian propensity of central bankers and finance ministers...
Philip Booth
8 August 2013

Yesterday morning, in response to Mark Carney’s decision to issue forward guidance in relation to the Bank of England’s monetary policy decisions, I released a quotation to the press:...
Anthony J. Evans
7 August 2013

I don’t view today’s announcement by the Bank of England as being a major change in monetary policy. The inflation target of 2% remains in place and the tools with which the Monetary...
Patrick Minford
30 May 2013

Mark Carney will arrive as the new governor of the Bank of England at a time when its policy is in disarray, but also when all the levers are in the Bank’s hands. He has a good chance...