John H. Cochrane
27 June 2014

    Hoover's Peregrine asked me to write an essay with the title, ‘What is the optimal number of immigrants to the US?’   My answer: Two billion, two million,...
Len Shackleton
12 March 2014
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I’ve had more than my quota of quotas. Economists have long been critical of these devices, which arise in many different contexts. Import quotas are a non-tariff barrier to trade: countries,...
Kristian Niemietz
14 August 2013

  Suppose a time-traveller from today could go back to the 1960s. His status as ‘the man who knows the future’ quickly earns him enormous political influence, which, being a right-on...
Len Shackleton
4 June 2013

It is reported this week that the Metropolitan Police is reviving a proposal, last aired (and rejected by the Labour government) in 2007, to allow the introduction of ethnic quotas in recruitment...