David Campbell
3 December 2015

As the Paris Conference of the Parties to the 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change progresses, it would seem that most of those promoting the policy of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...
Roger Bate
10 October 2013
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Twenty years ago I established the Environment Unit at the IEA to present a free-market alternative to the general doom and gloom and socialist militancy of many greens. We pursued projects on the...
Kristian Niemietz
24 June 2011

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne spoke of a ‘dark day’, and made clear he was ‘deeply disappointed’. EU plans to raise the target for carbon emission cuts in Europe...
Mark Pennington
1 February 2011
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The recent Cancun climate change conference attracted much less media attention than last year’s event in Copenhagen. Green activists and some politicians, however, continue to press for...
David Campbell
6 January 2011

After the failure even to reach an agreement through proper UN negotiating procedures at Copenhagen, expectations for the Cancun conference were so managed down that merely producing the ‘...
S. Fred Singer
25 November 2009

The Climategate disclosures over the past few days, consisting of some thousand of emails between a small group of British and US climate scientists, suggest that global warming may...
Kristian Niemietz
13 November 2009

The metaphor of ‘tearing down the Berlin Wall’ has come to be used in a quite inflationary way, and this phenomenon usually peaks around the 9th of November. At this time of the year,...
Richard Wellings
24 September 2009

Earlier this month, President Sarkozy announced plans to introduce a carbon tax in France. The UK could follow suit. A widely applied new tax, justified on environmental grounds, could prove popular...
Richard Wellings
29 July 2009

The government recently announced a series of measures designed to make Britain a low-carbon economy, including a large expansion of renewable energy (primarily wind), grants for better home...
Colin Robinson
29 December 2008

Politicians and ‘opinion leaders’ claim that damaging climate change is in prospect unless drastic centralised action is taken. The prevailing view about climate change action is part of...