Ryan Bourne
10 December 2015

This article was first published by CapX.   Julia Hartley-Brewer the other day ridiculed a guaranteed basic income – the idea that we should replace the welfare state with a cash payment...
Vedanth Nair
29 July 2015
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Government debt in the UK often makes headlines, but the high level of household debt in the UK is arguably no less of a threat to the stability of the UK economy. Research by the NBER found that...
Kristian Niemietz
12 March 2015

Economists are a notoriously quarrelsome bunch, who disagree on almost everything. Ask three economists, and you’ll get four opinions. The reason is that in economics, empirical literature is...
Philip Booth
19 February 2015
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In response to an article for The Tablet on Oxfam’s wealth inequality figures, Mr Fuentes-Nieva, Head of Research at Oxfam, makes some counterpoints in a letter to The Tablet (also repeated in...
Steve Davies
22 November 2013

  The government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, soon to enter its second phase, is one of the most misguided and short sighted initiatives ever. It may bring short term benefits to...
Kristian Niemietz
1 August 2013

  Milton Friedman once observed that, “with some notable exceptions, businessmen favour free enterprise in general, but are opposed to it when it comes to themselves.” With this in...