Ryan Bourne
10 February 2015
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The war of words between Boots and the Labour Party has led to much political soul-searching. The salient question seems to be: ‘is Labour anti-business?’ This is not particularly...
Eamonn Butler
6 November 2014
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It is sad to report the death of Gordon Tullock. He was a friend, likeable and respected as a great economist – even though he had no degree in economics. He came, rather, from a public...
Stephen Michael MacLean
2 January 2014
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‘What are the foundations of a free society?’ asks a recent IEA publication. What key components are essential for realising the common good, and how well does the United Kingdom meet...
Richard Wellings
26 April 2012

  Mancur Olson is best known for his 1965 book, The Logic of Collective Action, in which he explained why small, concentrated interest groups are more likely to influence policy than large,...
Mark Pennington
20 December 2011

I am no fan of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, which one or two libertarians not with standing, is a gathering of the ‘usual suspects’ on the reactionary left. That said...
Liberty Fitz-Claridge
8 October 2010

A British company has devised a scheme of one-to-one maths tuition in which teachers in India are connected to pupils in the UK using online technology similar to an interactive whiteboard. For...
Donald J. Boudreaux
27 December 2008

Shopping-mall Santas remind me of politicians. No joke. Consider the similarities: each Santa sits upon a throne and receives from strangers demands for free goodies. Each child who asks for things...