Ryan Bourne
8 April 2014

Political soundbites can be excruciating. They hang around for a year or two before disappearing when they become untenable. Who can forget Labour’s ‘too far, too fast’, or the...
Philip Booth
28 February 2014

With the election phoney war now under way, it appears that the main issue dividing the parties will be the cost of living. Unfortunately, politicians seem to have no real ambition to resolve the...
Philip Booth
17 October 2013

It is always pleasing to publish an IEA monograph and find that the subject is being talked about for months or years after publication. Very often, of course, the true measure of success is that the...
Kristian Niemietz
6 September 2013
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Unemployment and underemployment in the UK are still far too high. But given the circumstances, the UK’s labour market is in a far better shape than we might have expected. In much of Europe,...