Jonathan Portes
8 February 2016

The essence of the economic case for migration is very simple: it is the same as the case for markets in general. If people take decisions on the basis of their own economic self-interest, this will...
Kristian Niemietz
24 December 2015

As a teenager, I used to read a magazine which had a rubric called “Whatever happened to…”, which was dedicated to the forgotten pop stars of yesteryear. These were usually artists...
Philip Booth
5 November 2015

Supra-national authorities, such as the EU, should do two things. They should restrain governments from over-stepping their natural authority. Second, they should provide ‘public goods’...
Diego Zuluaga Laguna
7 May 2015

In the ongoing negotiations for a free trade pact between the EU and the US, the question of investment protection, and in particular the infamous investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clause,...
Diego Zuluaga Laguna
22 April 2015

Ever since the new European Commission took over at the end of last year, TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) has been the talk of the town in Brussels. Like Jean-Claude...
Diego Zuluaga Laguna
13 March 2015
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A report from the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee released today called for stricter environmental protections to be included in the free-trade deal currently being negotiated by the...
Ralph Buckle
16 February 2015

In our chapter for the IEA‘s latest monograph Brexit: Directions for Britain Outside the EU, Tim Hewish and I argue that, if Britain were to leave the EU, its first port of call when seeking...
Benedikt Koehler
22 October 2014
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George Bush, a New England minister, explained the term ‘caliph’ came from ‘the Hebrew chalaph; to be changed, to succeed, to pass round in a revolution’. This definition from...
Sam Collins
17 August 2014

It is easy to pick up a newspaper, watch television or look on a blog and assume the end is nigh. Between foreign affairs crises, demographic time bombs, debt icebergs and having only hours left to...
Philip Booth
8 August 2014

To me, reducing poverty matters very much. That is why I believe in a market economy. However, I am entirely uninterested in the issue of inequality. If you take the position that inequality matters...
Arshia Hashemi
30 May 2014

Problems with foreign aid are pervasive. There is plenty of discussion in the development community about aid worsening corruption in recipient countries, delaying progress towards democracy and...
Philip Booth and Sushil Mohan
3 March 2014

Fairtrade is part of the rich tapestry of institutions that develops in market economies to bring together consumers and producers. Fairtrade opens up an additional trading channel within the market...
Chris Snowdon
17 April 2012

  Yesterday saw the US Chamber of Commerce, the TransAtlantic Business Dialogue, the Emergency Committee for American Trade, the National Association of Manufacturers, the United States...
Steve Davies
25 October 2011

Economists notoriously disagree about many things. Trade policy however is an exception. Famously, this is an area of agreement on both theoretical analysis and policy prescription. Such near...
Philip Booth
2 December 2010

A few weeks ago, the IEA published an in-depth study of Fair Trade, Fair Trade Without the Froth. The Hilton/Cameron-rebranded Conservative Party likes Fair Trade and there are good reasons why it...
Philip Booth
15 November 2010

Trade economics is a complex subject, especially when you bring in the capital flows side of things. Reflecting on his recent visit to China, David Cameron said that he believed strongly...
Nick Hayns
11 November 2010
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Fair Trade is everywhere. All the big brands have bought into it and in some supermarkets certain products can only be purchased in their Fair Trade incarnation. We coffee-lovers get to enjoy our...
Terry Arthur
23 April 2010

The election campaign should be bringing on another Great Depression in the minds of all taxpayers. This morning Gordon Brown continued his daily rant at the Tories for promising to...
Kristian Niemietz
8 April 2009

I sometimes wonder whether anti-globalisation activists have some kind of automatic text generator, which works more or less like this: you enter an idea which you disapprove of, say “free...
Richard Wellings
25 March 2009

●  Philip Booth lectures on “Catholicism and Capitalism” at Westminster Cathedral Hall (video)   ●  Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy argue that we must not let the ‘...