Philip Booth
3 July 2013
1 comment

Google Cameron global race and you get a depressing 33,000,000 responses. Google Osborne global race and you get a depressing 2,650,000 responses. Apparently, the ‘global race’ is going...
Philip Booth
12 October 2012

  Given the constraints of political speech-making, David Cameron's effort earlier this week was reasonable. There was the misunderstanding of international trade that one always gets...
Kristian Niemietz
2 July 2012

Everyone remembers this situation from their student days: You are in an oral exam. Until just now, you felt reasonably well prepared. But now you realise that all the questions are about those sub...
Kristian Niemietz
27 June 2012

The previous government made the mistake of trying to reduce poverty without paying attention to the supply side factors driving up the basic cost of living. It churned out billions in tax credits...
Philip Booth
16 January 2012

A major policy plank in the re-branding of the Conservative Party has been the adoption of well-being economics – one of the favourite fads of the left. Six years ago, David Cameron made a...
Philip Booth
12 January 2012

My last blog post was on recycling so I guess it is appropriate if I recycle some material from an old blog post to deal with Nick Clegg’s latest attack on the  'it’s not...
Len Shackleton
9 January 2012

The Prime Minister says that the government intends to act on what it sees as excessive executive pay. Apparently we “can’t tell people what they should be paid but (should act) where...
Philip Booth
8 November 2011
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It is widely expected that the Prime Minister is going to start calling for a more moral form of capitalism. I have a simple test of whether a politician is trying to debate, or avoid, tough policy...
Ruth Porter
17 March 2011

During the Big Society discussions, the sight of some Conservatives running scared from the idea that the best way of responding to problems is a messy patchwork of responses has been deeply...
Philip Booth
11 January 2011

Nick Clegg today said that he understood bonus anger. I think that any sane person also understands bonus anger. It is therefore incumbent upon politicians to explain patiently, and with sensitivity...
Paul Ormerod
16 November 2010

Economists have known for a long time that GDP is an imperfect measure of the overall well-being of a country. In fact, no-one has stated this more clearly than Simon Kuznets, the founding father of...
Philip Booth
15 November 2010

Trade economics is a complex subject, especially when you bring in the capital flows side of things. Reflecting on his recent visit to China, David Cameron said that he believed strongly...
Fred Hansen
2 November 2010

The term “progressive” has become the focus of a new struggle of rebranding at a time when the terms “liberal” and “conservative” are in tatters on both...
Richard Wellings
6 October 2010

David Cameron’s conference speech has arguably provided observers with important insights into the ideologies helping to drive coalition policy. Worryingly, there were strong elements of...
Lucy McDonald
13 August 2010

Plans to introduce a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol in the North-West of England – apparently supported by David Cameron – are deeply misguided. In all markets price-fixing is...
Aamer Bhatti
12 August 2010

Today David Cameron has spoken of his ambition for the UK to break into the top five tourist destinations in the world, from its current sixth position. This apparently entails moving away from the...
Peter King
4 August 2010

David Cameron has stated that his government will consider ending security of tenure for social-housing tenants. Those tenants who were in employment would be “encouraged” to rent...
Ruth Porter
19 July 2010

Liberalism, empowerment, responsibility, redistributing power so that people in their everyday lives don’t turn to officials or central government for help, but instead help themselves and...
Dan Osborne
12 July 2010

Should David Cameron worry that restraining public spending will hurt his chances of being re-elected? Recent political history will reassure him. In the 1980s and 1990s countries such as the...
Philip Booth
15 April 2010

Now all three major parties have launched their manifestos it’s clear that no one is being honest about the true state of the country’s finances. The Conservative manifesto is scarcely...

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