Kristian Niemietz
10 March 2016

Imagine we had no land use planning system at all. Landowners and developers could do as they please. Anyone could build whatever they want, wherever they want, on their own land. Suppose that this...
Kristian Niemietz
3 March 2016

Housing costs in the UK – both house prices and rents – are among the highest in the world. Since 1970, average house prices in the UK have gone up four and a half fold after inflation....
Kristian Niemietz
25 September 2015

The greenbelt is a sacred cow, right? Everybody loves the greenbelt, everybody wants to see it protected, and everybody knows it. A politician advocating a relaxation of greenbelt constraints might...
Ryan Bourne
22 September 2015
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In a centralised country like ours, regional and local politics will always play second fiddle to national events, such as stories about what the Prime Minister did at university. Having said that,...
Kristian Niemietz
27 November 2013

When you watch or listen to a political debate programme, and you hear someone saying something like ‘I am not against all development, but…’ or ‘I don’t dispute the...