Len Shackleton
25 February 2016
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David Cameron has apparently rejected the proposal for a sugar tax, and is instead to use the threat of intervention to pressure food and drink companies into ‘voluntarily’ reformulating...
Ryan Bourne
12 January 2016
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Rumours abound that the government is secretly quite keen on imposing a new tax on sugary drinks, to attempt to combat obesity. There are strong arguments against such a proposal. These taxes hit the...
Christopher Snowdon
1 December 2015

A tax on sugar - and on sugary drinks in particular - has become a cornerstone of the campaign for tobacco-style regulation of the food supply. The arguments against such an intervention are now well...
Christopher Snowdon
16 July 2015

Sugar is much in the news at the moment, with the British Medical Association calling for a tax on sugary drinks and the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition expected to announce new advice on...
Christopher Snowdon
6 March 2014

The recent suggestion by the chief medical officer Sally Davies that ‘we may need to introduce a sugar tax’ is a tribute to the extraordinary media profile of Action on Sugar, the latest...