Philip Booth
2 October 2014

George Osborne’s conference speech earlier this week brought back memories of a paper that was published by the IEA back in 2011 called Sharing the Burden which caused something of a storm. The...
Ryan Bourne
8 July 2014

With Monty Python at the O2 arena and ongoing coverage of the NHS, I was reminded last week of the Python sketch showing a lady giving birth. Unfortunately for her, the doctors played by John Cleese...
Ryan Bourne
1 July 2014
1 comment

Few subjects generate emotion in UK politics like the funding of the NHS. Warnings of the health service’s imminent collapse are ten a penny, while politicians love to talk about ‘saving...
Richard Wellings
19 March 2014

History is unlikely to be kind to George Osborne. Four years after he became Chancellor, the national debt has exploded, the budget deficit remains at dangerously high levels and an increasing share...
Ryan Bourne
18 March 2014

With Budget day upon us tomorrow, we can expect to be told that we are almost half-way through the government’s planned fiscal consolidation. Politicians will talk about how they are...
Jagadeesh Gokhale
13 March 2014
1 comment

The national budget reports of most developed nations are based on current cash flows of tax collections and government expenditures - and views on national indebtedness are based on metrics such as...

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