Christopher Snowdon
11 December 2014

My report about pub closures was generally well received when it was published yesterday, with the notable exception of the All-Party Parliamentary Save The Pub Group, which sent out a bizarre and...
Christopher Snowdon
10 December 2014
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The UK has lost 21,000 pubs since 1980, with half of these closures taking place since 2006. In Closing Time, a new IEA report, I estimate that long-term cultural changes have been responsible for...
Patrick Basham
9 December 2010

Notwithstanding David Cameron’s infatuation with nudging, the in-vogue tool would appear to have little merit as a guiding principle of policymaking. The Department of Health’s new...
David Atherton
7 September 2010

Labour leadership candidate David Miliband has been posing as the champion of the Great British pub, saying he can save it by confronting large breweries over the beer tie. Under the beer tie, a...
Kristian Niemietz
3 February 2009

One of the justifications for government intervention in the market is the presence of ‘external effects’ or ‘externalities’ which occur when individual actions adversely...