Richard Teather
25 July 2016
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Shortly before being sacked, George Osborne announced a plan to reduce the UK’s corporation tax rate to less than 15%, challenging Ireland at 12.5%. It is not yet known whether Philip Hammond...
Philip Booth
7 September 2015

A tax haven levies certain taxes at a zero or very low rate and combines this with limited information flows to other countries’ tax authorities and a lack of transparency in law making. By the...
Philip Booth
27 February 2015

The Greens have a radical policy agenda which would, if implemented, probably involve a huge transfer of power from the people to the state. The Greens must, however, be given credit for clearly...
Philip Booth
7 April 2014

A week ago, Mark Hoban, the former Work and Pensions Minister, called for a reform of tax relief on pensions contributions to 'equalise' the rate of relief given to all taxpayers at 30...