Roger Koppl
15 August 2014

The recent economic crisis has destroyed some of the supposed ‘certainties’ of economic theory and policy. Both are in question as we try to understand the Great Recession and the long...
Philip Booth
10 June 2013

Whenever the left wish to make an argument for their favourite form of government intervention they always use – normally dressed up in more comprehensible language – some form of...
Mark Harrison
7 February 2012
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Why didn’t Europe's builders stop with the single market? The European single market was a huge achievement. Enacted between 1987 and 1992, it eliminated many physical, technical and...
Mark Pennington
31 August 2011

Many government interventions in markets though they are often justified in terms of the ‘public interest’ work to the disproportionate benefit of organised interests – often the...
G. R. Steele
16 June 2011

State infrastructure projects may be funded by private capital through PFI (private finance initiative) contracts.This week, BBC Radio’s File on Four put great effort into addressing the...
Len Shackleton
17 January 2011

The attractiveness of the coalition to many of us was that we would get determined action to shrink the size of the state and to refocus on what government needed to do rather than perpetually...
Ruth Porter
5 January 2011

Today the Prime Minister announced a New Enterprise Allowance to give grants, loans and mentoring to unemployed people trying to start up new businesses. While the focus on the problems facing...
Len Shackleton
30 March 2010
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If clubs make a hash of things it should be no business of ministers When politicians interfere in sport it’s the mark of a Middle Eastern dictator with psychopathic sons or a Soviet bloc...
Peter King
24 February 2010

Classical liberals, and many Conservatives, will tend to take a dim view of government intervention, but should they be equally dismissive of all government action? Take a couple of examples from...
Philip Booth
14 October 2009

According to Keynes, sticky prices in markets lead to a phenomenon whereby we can get disequilibrium in the labour market unless the government intervenes to prevent deflation. As ever, all the...
D. R. Myddelton
1 October 2009

Businesses are more regulated today than ever. But trends go on until they stop. With Arthur Seldon, I believe we should take more risks of under-regulation. The straw man of “perfect...
Steven Kates
21 September 2009

What one does is typically built around what one believes. This is as true of economic policy as of anything else. If it is believed that Keynesian economics is valid, and that it provides sound...
Charles K. Rowley
7 September 2009

In our monograph, Economic Contractions in the United States: A Failure of Government, Nathanael Smith and I evaluate and categorically reject the hypothesis that a failure of laissez-faire...
Richard Wellings
27 June 2009

●  John Triggs celebrates the 150th anniversary of Samuel Smiles’ Self-Help   ●  Eustace Davie reviews They Meant Well: Government Project Disasters   ●  Peter J....
John Meadowcroft
18 June 2009

Advocates of privatisation have often paid insufficient attention to one of the most important reasons why scholars like Friedman and Hayek argued in favour of privatisation: that people are the...
Peter King
15 June 2009

Ronald Reagan famously stated the perfect response that government should make to any crisis: “Don’t just do something, stand there!” This, it seems to me, is still the best...
Peter King
11 February 2009

The whole issue of the legitimacy of government intervention in the housing market is particularly pertinent at the present moment. The government is flailing around trying to increase mortgage...