Philip Booth
15 January 2015

With the news that inflation has fallen to 0.5 per cent there are “fears” that we might be about to slide into deflation. It is worth noting, firstly, that it is CPI inflation that has...
Steven Kates
23 February 2010
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The world is filled with irony and idiocies aplenty. For how many years was inflation targeting the very essence of economic policy when the threat of inflation was hardly anywhere to be seen. How...
Philip Booth
25 September 2009

If the next government, of whatever colour, insists on not taking the bold step of getting the government out of the production and management of the money supply – and political realism...
Philip Booth
21 May 2009

A couple of days ago the bogus Consumer Price Index registered a dip to an annual rise of 2.3%. The RPI fell further into negative territory. Perhaps the best measure of inflation, RPIX (the...
Philip Booth
10 March 2009

Quantitative easing has become such a buzzword that it has now become known by its initials – QE. On a number of occasions, I have discussed its merits in the current circumstances and then...
Richard Wellings
13 February 2009

From a monetarist perspective, a strong case can be made in support of the Bank of England’s decision to engage in quantitative easing. A severe deflationary shock would cause big problems for...