Mikko Arevuo
5 March 2015

Conventional economics has it that businesses adjust their investment spending decisions according to changes in the cost of capital.  At low interest rates, more investment projects are...
Patrick Minford
30 May 2013

Mark Carney will arrive as the new governor of the Bank of England at a time when its policy is in disarray, but also when all the levers are in the Bank’s hands. He has a good chance...
Steve Davies
7 March 2013

The government yesterday announced major plans to clamp down on the practices of payday loan companies like Wonga. Although sensibly deciding against a cap on interest rates, restrictions on...
Steven Kates
4 April 2011

According to Wicksell, there are two interest rates, one visible and the other almost totally invisible. The visible rate is the number found in every central bank publication. It is prominently...
G. R. Steele
21 February 2011
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While the full complexity of an economic cycle can never be gauged, economists point to many contributory factors, each with its tinge of plausibility; but every recession, recovery, over-extension...
G. R. Steele
10 December 2010

Mervyn King has been criticised for crossing a line which separates monetary policy (the Bank’s remit) and fiscal policy (the Treasury’s remit). That line is imaginary: a legacy of...
Richard Wellings
11 March 2009

●  Don Boudreaux sets out the unsung successes of the market   ●  Ruth Lea warns that very low interest rates could be counter-productive   ●  Andrew Lilico explains the...