Carlo Stagnaro
1 September 2014
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You can’t have your cake and eat it too – even when it comes to energy. Germany has been a champion of the ‘green economy’ for the past decade, but now the time has come to...
Philip Booth
19 August 2014

For the last five years, politicians of all shades have been banging on about how we should adopt this or that aspect of German economic policy. George Osborne argued in 2011: "We want to learn...
Charles B. Blankart
28 August 2013

Germany’s elections are just around the corner. But if Chancellor Merkel gets her way, there will not be much to vote on. Voters may be given a choice on issues like nursery places, but not on...
Vuk Vukovic
23 July 2012

Europe is once again on the edge of the cliff. Spain is out of money to finance itself and its banks; Greece, even though the pro-bailout coalition was formed, remains Europe’s...
G. R. Steele
17 November 2011

The European Central Bank (ECB) sits at the centre of a clearing system (‘TARGET2’) for national central banks (NCBs) within the eurozone. The pattern that has built up, particularly...
Philip Booth
1 November 2011
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In the midst of a eurozone sovereign debt crisis - caused largely by government profligacy - it is not surprising, but it is regrettable, that the German Finance Minister should call for more...
Karthik Reddy
16 August 2011

‘Hundreds of thousands [of workers] should not have to stand to attention late into the night for the mere convenience of a few yuppies!’ These passionate words, uttered by German union...
G. R. Steele
1 April 2011
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Ireland is not stupid. When credit is offered, it chooses the lowest rate. Ireland’s ‘bailout’ from the European System of Central Banks (ESCB - the eurosystem) is larger (€...
Malte Tobias Kähler
10 May 2010

The Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT), developed largely by Ludwig von Mises and F. A. Hayek, predicted the present crisis and explained its causes in advance. Many commentators aware of...
Oliver Marc Hartwich
5 May 2010

After months of agonising discussions, European leaders have agreed on a “solution” for the Greek crisis. Unfortunately, the joint efforts of the EU and the International Monetary Fund...
Kristian Niemietz
5 March 2010

In the 1960s, thousands of industrious Greek gastarbeiter came to work in West Germany. Immigration from Greece has been a success story of rapid integration and mutual economic benefit. With little...
Kristian Niemietz
28 September 2009

Germany’s federal election yesterday resulted in a stable majority for a "black-yellow" coalition of Conservatives (CDU) and Liberals (FDP). Is this the starting shot of a free-market reform...
Kristian Niemietz
9 September 2009

Professor Christoph Butterwegge, a political scientist and poverty researcher at the University of Cologne, seems to be angry with his fellow citizens. What is bothering him is that...
Kristian Niemietz
27 March 2009

Switzerland and other so-called “tax havens” have finally succumbed to international pressure and threats to be “blacklisted” by the OECD. Banking secrecy laws will now be...