Ryan Bourne
20 July 2016

It really could happen. Republican candidate Donald Trump might win the presidency of the United States on an overtly protectionist, anti-trade ticket. In a recent speech he slammed...
Diego Zuluaga
27 June 2016

This article is based on a presentation delivered at the Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE) conference, Oxford University.   It is a pleasure to address this conference on the...
Ryan Bourne
7 June 2016
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Following Michael Gove’s appearance in the Sky “debate” last week, the Stronger In campaign was always going to find some supposed slip-up to exploit. This time it was Gove’s...
Diego Zuluaga
11 May 2016

The climate of opinion around free trade has changed dramatically on both sides of the Atlantic in the last few years. Both presumptive presidential nominees in the U.S. are lukewarm about, if ...
Christopher Snowdon
18 April 2016
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Last year, Exeter became the latest city in Britain to introduce a local currency. Totnes, Bristol and Lewes had already done so. Supporters of the Exeter Pound, which can only be exchanged at...
Philippe Legrain
7 April 2016

It is normal to feel sympathy for the 15,000 employees of Tata Steel who are set to lose their jobs if the Indian company cannot find a buyer for its heavily lossmaking UK operations. “This...
Dalibor Rohac
30 March 2016

Not so long ago, I was a proud member of the free-market Eurosceptic crowd. For years, I quite literally made my living criticising the EU’s populist overregulation, moral hazard, the...
Ryan Bourne
28 July 2015

The Republican Party must be tearing its hair out. For years, visitors from the US have extolled the strength of the party’s potential Presidential candidates for 2016. The pack is certainly...
Philip Booth
1 August 2014

In the last week or two there have been calls for taxes on large supermarkets such as Tesco. Twenty local authorities have asked the government for formal powers to tax retailers and such taxes...
Louise Bennetts
11 December 2013

A protectionist push is underway in the world’s two leading financial services economies. This threatens to undermine not only the already-weak recovery, but perhaps more importantly the...
Alexander de Ville
23 August 2012
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In June, the European Commission drew attention to the increase in protectionist tendencies worldwide. It claimed that over the previous eight months 123 new trade restrictions had been put in...
Stephen Michael MacLean
6 February 2012

Who among us hasn’t wiled away a lazy hour with travel fantasies, courtesy of Google Maps? Not the French, apparently, who seem to have little appreciation for Google Maps’ indulgence...
Steve Davies
25 October 2011

Economists notoriously disagree about many things. Trade policy however is an exception. Famously, this is an area of agreement on both theoretical analysis and policy prescription. Such near...
Tom Papworth
22 August 2011

The IEA has recently published articles by Mark Pennington on the subject of Ha Joon Chang’s 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism. As Pennington addresses each of his...
Kate Antrobus
21 July 2010

The case for abolishing agricultural subsidies on the grounds that they are unjust and hugely damaging to developing countries is well documented. One can also make the case in environmental terms,...
Kristian Niemietz
2 March 2010

Who would have thought that protectionism could be entertaining? Professor Ha-Joon Chang’s lecture at the LSE last Thursday, part of the university’s “Series on the Future of...
James Stanfield
26 January 2010

In the Guardian recently, Michael Arthur and Wendy Piatt, representing the Russell Group of the 20 leading British research-intensive universities, made the following plea: “Our politicians...
Razeen Sally
22 May 2009

It is widely believed that India is forging a separate successful path to development, in contrast to the traditional comparative-advantage based development of China and the other east-Asian Tigers...
Kristian Niemietz
8 April 2009

I sometimes wonder whether anti-globalisation activists have some kind of automatic text generator, which works more or less like this: you enter an idea which you disapprove of, say “free...