Markus C. Kerber
16 March 2015

In recent years, euroscepticism has been growing in the UK and elsewhere. This is largely due to concerns about a perceived overreach of EU institutions, coupled with insufficient accountability to...
Carlo Stagnaro
1 September 2014
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You can’t have your cake and eat it too – even when it comes to energy. Germany has been a champion of the ‘green economy’ for the past decade, but now the time has come to...
Philip Booth and Carlo Stagnaro
5 March 2014

Europe’s plan to decarbonise its economy by 2030 is very likely to meet Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different...
Christopher Snowdon
8 March 2013

  Last year, the IEA published Sock Puppets, a report that examined the British government’s extensive funding of charities and pressure groups. This week sees the publication of Euro...
Michael Klein
17 August 2012

Although once intended to improve market efficiency and the free flow of goods within the Single European Market, harmonisation has become not only the European Commission’s prime weapon for...
Tim Worstall
21 November 2011

Bill Gates has announced that he backs the Robin Hood Tax - a financial transactions tax - to raise money to spend in the Third World. Indeed, he told the G-20 this, in a great big report. The...
Holger Zemanek
3 October 2011
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Last week the European Commission presented its proposal for a financial transaction tax (FTT) for the EU27. The new tax is supposed to be on all kinds of financial transactions in regulated and...
Alberto Mingardi
11 April 2011

Before Intel was fined €1.06 billion in 2009, Microsoft had long held the dubious honour of being the corporation subject to the highest antitrust fine by the European Commission. In March...
Holger Zemanek
12 August 2010

This week the European Union’s Budget Commissioner, Janusz Lewandowski, again raised the issue of EU taxes. Some may argue it was just a political manoeuvre to fill the newspapers during the...
Laurence Copeland
24 May 2010

You might have thought that, with the Eurozone in turmoil, the EU would have no time to pursue its vendetta against hedge funds. Far from it, the latest proposals are even more wide-ranging than...
Malte Tobias Kähler
10 May 2010

The Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT), developed largely by Ludwig von Mises and F. A. Hayek, predicted the present crisis and explained its causes in advance. Many commentators aware of...
Holger Zemanek
23 March 2010

Just recently, the European Commission set out its proposal for a new economic strategy for Europe, a successor to the failed Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs. Again, the European Commission...
Philip Vander Elst
10 July 2009

Is there a strong connection between statism and supranationalism? At a time of rising taxation, increased state control over the banking system, and ever-closer European integration, it is a...
Laurence Copeland
12 June 2009

We could see it coming, couldn’t we? Those gigantic over-leveraged hedge funds were bound to come crashing down, as their massive bets turned sour, forcing them to default on their bank loans...
Roland Vaubel
3 June 2009

Europeans go to the polls this week, yet despite the appearance of democracy it is clear that EU institutions are not representative of the people. Indeed, no matter how citizens vote, these...
Richard A. Epstein
14 May 2009

In my recent article on monopolization cases under Article 82 of the European Union treaty, I criticized Neelie Kroes and the European Commission for the aggressive application of competition law in...