Kristian Niemietz
29 September 2014

In a more rational world, planning reform would not be a tribal issue. It would, on the contrary, be an issue around which people from all major political camps could coalesce. Albeit for different...
Mark Littlewood
21 September 2014

In this new video for ieaTV, IEA Director General Mark Littlewood explains how liberalising the UK’s suffocating planning laws would have a profound and beneficial effect on the cost of living...
Ryan Bourne
17 September 2014
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With low productivity, high inflation and terrible industrial relations, in 1977, Britain was a basket case. So that year, businessman John Hoskyns decided to dedicate substantial effort to analysing...
Jared Meyer
22 August 2014
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Prime Minister David Cameron’s “all-in” push for developing the UK’s shale gas reserves continues to generate what seems to be strong public backlash. While vocal protesters...
Kristian Niemietz
12 June 2014

In today’s Mansion House speech, George Osborne is expected to outline new plans to encourage housing development on brownfield sites. The speech follows in the wake of an IMF report, which...
Ryan Bourne
8 May 2014
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Earlier this week, I penned a comment piece for City AM on Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century. One of the things that I outlined there was that I believe for some...
Kristian Niemietz
27 November 2013

When you watch or listen to a political debate programme, and you hear someone saying something like ‘I am not against all development, but…’ or ‘I don’t dispute the...
Kristian Niemietz
1 June 2011
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‘Generation Rent’ seems to be the media catchphrase of the day, and this should come as no surprise. Over the past fifteen years, house prices have risen so sharply that despite the...
Tom Papworth
26 October 2010

In January, Paul Collier, an economics professor who has frequently been published by the IEA, wrote a controversial article for The Independent on how to reform education in the UK, and on 11...
Daniel Knowles
25 September 2010

Yesterday, Eric Pickles defended the government’s decision not to revalue homes for Council Tax. Indeed, it seems hardly anyone – not even the Labour Party – wants a...
Tom Papworth
2 December 2009

The government’s economic recovery policy consisted of two tracks: one, a vastly expensive “fiscal stimulus“, involved ramping up spending at a time when tax revenues were falling...
Peter King
6 August 2009

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) announced today that they had changed their forecast on house prices for 2009, and that instead of a fall they now foresee a...

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