Kristian Niemietz
26 March 2014

Whether one agrees with the policy or not, one should think that a trebling of tuition fees cannot but result in a bonanza for universities, and huge savings for the Treasury. Yet according to recent...
Len Shackleton
22 February 2012

The appointment of Professor Les Ebdon to lead OFFA, the Office of Fair Access, has been met with concern both from politicians – the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee rejected...
James Stanfield
19 April 2011
1 comment

Last week the universities minister David Willetts announced that from 2012 students attending private universities will be eligible for a state-funded loan of £6,000. In response, the shadow...
Len Shackleton
29 March 2011
1 comment

The Times has revealed that 75% of universities are intending to charge at least £8000 when new undergraduate fees come into operation from next year, rather more than the coalition...
Len Shackleton
9 March 2011
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When top-up fees were introduced in England and Wales in 2006-7, squeamishness amongst MPs was mitigated by an obligation placed on universities and colleges to sign ‘access agreements...
Andres Jonathan Drew
13 October 2010

Policy inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. Quebec, a bastion of statist corporatism with a distinctly ineffective, underachieving economic system, looks like the sick man of North...
Len Shackleton
10 June 2010

David Willetts is right to be talking about the need for radical change in universities. Many people in the sector seem to be wedded to the idea that nothing much needs to alter in our “world...
James Stanfield
27 April 2010

According to the Sunday Times, the Labour Party is facing a mass revolt from its own parliamentary candidates, as 200 have already signed the petition organised by the National Union of Students (...
James Stanfield
28 August 2009

The issue of tuition fees in higher education is again a hot topic and it is unlikely to be resolved in the near future. This is not because it is unimportant for universities. Instead, for...
Peter King
22 July 2009

I turned on the Today Programme yesterday morning and my heart sank: the main story was about how “too many” children from wealthy families were going into the professions and that the...
James Stanfield
19 May 2009

In September 2007, BPP Professional Education made history by becoming the first for-profit private company in the UK to be awarded degree-granting powers by the Privy Council. While this is clearly...

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