Ryan Bourne
4 March 2014
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We should expect to hear much more about the future of the BBC in the next few months. Its Royal Charter is due for renewal in 2016, and there have already been murmurings about the sustainability of...
Philip Booth
24 May 2013

Earlier this week, I appeared on Radio 5 to talk about tax avoidance. The news hook was a speech by Ed Miliband on the supposed problems of Google’s low corporation tax payments. Of course,...
Adam Tebble
6 January 2012

BBC Online recently produced an informative presentation entitled ‘What really caused the eurozone crisis?’ Taking the reader through a number of key steps and moments, it shows in...
Philip Booth
7 December 2011

The BBC’s coverage of the National Social Survey shows the BBC at its very worst. It has completely misrepresented the survey to promote its own political worldview that we are becoming more...
Mark Littlewood
4 March 2011
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With all the provisos attached to News Corp’s takeover of BSkyB, opposition to the deal has surely now been diluted. But there are, perhaps, two groups who can still legitimately complain...
Mark Littlewood
1 September 2010

Mark Thompson’s vigorous defence of the BBC’s role and contribution to broadcasting marks the first skirmish in the build up to re-evaluating the licence fee and the role of the...
Philip Booth
17 June 2009

No doubt IEA blog readers will have different views on the news that the BBC is likely to have to share its licence fee with ITV news and children’s programme producers (with expressions of...