Philip Booth
23 January 2013

  An interesting comment was made recently by Andrew Lilico at a meeting of the IEA’s Shadow Monetary Policy Committee. He suggested that the Bank of England has given up inflation...
Andrew Lilico
19 April 2012
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Does cutting the Bank Rate (the Bank of England policy rate) cut the real-terms cost of capital for investors? Most discussions take it for granted that it does do this. But corporate finance...
Andrew Lilico
11 April 2011

The fundamental problem in the banking sector is that bank creditors are not exposed to risk of loss. Who are the bank creditors? There are two key sorts: bondholders and depositors. So any useful...
Andrew Lilico
3 July 2009

There has long been an important problem in the selling of and advising on retail financial products.  Large numbers of individuals and firms call themselves “financial advisors” or even “...