Terry Arthur
30 January 2012
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In August 2010, the IEA published Does Britain Need a Financial Regulator? Written by Professor Philip Booth and myself, with a particular focus on stock exchanges around the world, our conclusion...
Ángel Martín Oro
12 December 2011
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Almost everyone expected the Socialist Party to lose the recent Spanish elections by a wide margin. Their mismanagement of the economic crisis destroyed their credibility with the Spanish people,...
Philip Booth
11 October 2011

  Over the last few weeks, most economists have been trying to work out how we can deal with the crisis in the eurozone. Will the banks go bust if there is a sovereign default?...
Tim Congdon
19 March 2011

UK officialdom appears to believe that if the City of London’s international financial services left the UK it would not matter much to the economy. This is undoubtedly part of the...
Philip Booth
7 February 2011
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The three main themes of Nick Clegg's speech on Friday were as follows: 1. We should have investment-led growth and not debt-led growth. 2. We should have growth balanced around the regions...
Tim Congdon
3 January 2011
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Since the financial crisis began in autumn 2007 with the Northern Rock fiasco, a consensus narrative has developed. The central theme is that the crisis is to be blamed not on monetary mismanagement...
Andrew Lilico
3 July 2009

There has long been an important problem in the selling of and advising on retail financial products.  Large numbers of individuals and firms call themselves “financial advisors” or even “...