Philip Booth
9 December 2014

Britain has just celebrated ‘Small Business Saturday’. Perhaps yesterday should have been declared ‘Multinational Monday’. Multinationals are often the engine of poverty...
Tim Congdon
27 September 2010

Bank-bashing has become commonplace, as we saw at the Liberal Democrats’ conference last week. But the bank-bashers’ credibility is waning as one of their standard allegations is...
Philip Booth
9 August 2010

In their election document, the country’s Catholic bishops – who are not known for their support of free market economics – pointed out: “A society that is held together just...
Tim Congdon
5 August 2010
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The central constraint on economic recovery in the leading economies since mid-2009 has been officialdom’s pressure on banks to raise their capital/asset ratios. Also relevant – but to a...
David B. Smith
5 November 2009

There seems to be near-lunatic policy inconsistency between the employment of the controversial and potentially dangerous policy of quantitative easing to boost broad money and credit, and the...
Philip Booth
26 October 2009

It is difficult to know where to start in writing a blog post about George Osborne’s proposals to ban high-street bank bonuses in cash of more than £2,000. Let me, instead, raise a...
Len Shackleton
5 October 2009

The financial crisis has encouraged all sorts of ancient anti-capitalist ideas to re-emerge like long-buried monsters from the swamp in some 1950s horror movie.   The Observer’s Ruth...
Nick Silver
3 July 2009

I have written previously that it was a bad idea for the government to take over banks, but given that they have, they ought to be run in taxpayers’ interest. A good starting point is UKFI, the UK...