Ryan Bourne
21 October 2014

Forget political polls and voting intentions. The most important survey of recent months came from Pew Research on the attitudes of populations worldwide to capitalism and inequality. As many Western...
John H. Cochrane
13 October 2014

The FT's Martin Wolf weighs in on ‘Why inequality is such a drag on economies’. This is the question that was bugging me last week. Why is inequality a problem in and of itself,...
Philip Booth
7 October 2014
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There is a time and a place for ‘sloganeering’ – the use of casual phrases to communicate complex messages. In my view, ordained ministers of the Church should avoid sloganeering...
Christian Bjørnskov
6 October 2014

Despite widespread growth and unprecedented prosperity, almost a billion people live in absolute poverty. An entire industry has developed with the sole purpose of helping these people. Yet, many...
Philip Booth
8 August 2014

To me, reducing poverty matters very much. That is why I believe in a market economy. However, I am entirely uninterested in the issue of inequality. If you take the position that inequality matters...
Deirdre McCloskey
6 August 2014

Deirdre McCloskey, author of The Bourgeois Era series, speaks to ieaTV about inequality, the amazing growth in the wealth of the working class over the past three hundred years and how wealth and...
Philip Booth
10 July 2014

  Scott Sumner produced an excellent blog post on Piketty recently. It begins by quoting Piketty: ‘In my view, there is absolutely no doubt that the increase of inequality in United States...
Ryan Bourne
24 June 2014
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A lack of authenticity among politicians is a common lament. Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston expressed this conventional wisdom recently when she said: ‘I think the public dislike the cardboard...
Ryan Bourne
17 June 2014
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The British tax system just isn’t progressive enough, the Equality Trust claimed yesterday. After citing survey figures showing that 68 per cent of the UK population believe households in the...
Philipp Bagus
6 June 2014
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Thomas Piketty´s book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, on growing inequality in capitalism, has become a bestseller. Piketty offers much data claiming that inequality is rising and draws...
Philip Booth
18 May 2014

According to columnists on the left, Thomas Piketty’s new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, has not been adequately answered by those who believe in free-market capitalism. One obvious...
Ryan Bourne
6 May 2014

Thomas Piketty makes some bold claims about the future of capitalism. In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, he observes that, in capitalist economies, the rate of return on capital (r) tends to be...
Christopher Snowdon
21 March 2014

On Sunday, the Observer reported that ‘Inequality costs Britain £39bn a year’. This is based on the belief that ‘a more equal UK would experience less crime and imprisonment,...
Philip Booth
23 December 2013
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Pope Francis's Apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium is a manifesto for evangelisation that challenges every reader at every point in the development of the narrative. In nearly all parts of...
Darshan Zala
27 July 2013

Many have expressed the opinion that the very simple correlations shown in The Spirit Level alone can never show meaningful causality – this is correct. However, people can always claim the...
Christopher Snowdon
19 June 2013
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Earlier this year, the Work Foundation published a study of inequality in Britain that threw up some uncomfortable findings for those who believe that income differentials are the root of all evil...
Kristian Niemietz
17 April 2013

The conventional wisdom in the mainstream poverty literature is that Margaret Thatcher’s policies caused an explosion of poverty. As one standard work puts it: ‘During the 1960s, just...
Matthew Sinclair
2 March 2012

The satirical website the Daily Mash has revealed shock news: ‘Greedy people have more stuff, say experts’. They were reporting on an actual study at the University of...
Mark Pennington
20 December 2011

I am no fan of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, which one or two libertarians not with standing, is a gathering of the ‘usual suspects’ on the reactionary left. That said...
Christopher Snowdon
9 December 2011
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This week, the OECD issued a press release headlined ‘Governments must tackle record gap between rich and poor’. The report it heralded focused on the causes of growing inequality in...

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