Kristian Niemietz
19 June 2014

Unless you have spent the last two decades in North Korea or in Josef Fritzl’s basement, you will be familiar with that scene from the opening credits of the Simpsons, where it initially...
James Croft
11 March 2014

For entrepreneurs to succeed, they need space to innovate that is sufficiently free of regulatory constraints, buyers who are receptive to their breakthroughs and uninhibited in their procurement...
James Stanfield
14 November 2011

In 2003 the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) set up the Commission on the Private Sector and Development which was tasked with examining how the private sector and entrepreneurship can...
Len Shackleton
5 July 2011
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The Office for National Statistics has published a new estimate of the size of the hourly pay gap between the public and private sectors. It shows that, after correcting for factors such as the...
Philip Booth
24 July 2009

It was recently reported that over 50 pubs a week were closing as a result of an increase in beer tax. There seems to be some surprise that private sector economic activity is reducing (ignoring the...