D.R. Myddelton
2 March 2015

Most people in this country have probably never heard of The Forgotten Depression, the title of a new book by James Grant. Unlike the Great Depression which started in 1929 and lasted until 1941 (in...
John Burton
5 July 2013
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During a briefing on 5 November 2008 - conducted with big wall-chart graphs - about the ongoing financial ‘crunch’, the Queen dropped a (bombshell) question on the assembled throng of...
Philip Booth
3 July 2013
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Google Cameron global race and you get a depressing 33,000,000 responses. Google Osborne global race and you get a depressing 2,650,000 responses. Apparently, the ‘global race’ is going...
John Blundell
4 December 2009
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I approached SuperFreakonomics with great hope but also mild trepidation. The great hope was that Levitt and Dubner had pulled it off again after the incredible (and well-deserved) success of...
Steven Kates
4 September 2009

The word is getting out that Keynesian economics is worthless as a guide to policy. Criticisms of public spending are found more and more frequently and the immense deficits we now face are...
Steven Kates
30 July 2009

What we call “Keynesian” economics is not some minor sub-division of economic theory but is the very essence of macroeconomics itself. Keynes in 1936 had one central idea in writing his...