Tom Papworth
24 August 2012
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George Monbiot has set out his cartoonish manifesto on the Guardian website. He paints a picture of ‘what the world will look like after capitalism’, beginning with this very helpful...
Kristian Niemietz
6 July 2012
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How does your garden variety Malthusian react if a resource he has predicted to run out manifestly refuses to do so? 1. He rejoices, begins questioning his doomsayer philosophy, looks out for...
Kristian Niemietz
7 March 2012

    In a weird way, I used to enjoy George Monbiot’s columns in The Guardian. There were not many authors who could evoke that mixture of bewilderment, disbelief, amusement and...
Kristian Niemietz
15 September 2011

If George Monbiot had lived during the Irish Potato Famine, he would presumably have developed a ‘Potato Footprint’ index, to show that the hunger of the poor is caused by the excessive...
Kristian Niemietz
13 August 2009

Machynlleth, a small town in Wales, is under attack from a vicious superpower. The Guardian’s local correspondent reports first hand from the heart of the combat zone:   “it...