John Whittaker
24 November 2010

There does not seem to have been much confidence, even at the Fed, that its latest round of quantitative easing would do much good. Rather, the Fed’s motivation comes across as a desire to be...
Daniel J. Mitchell
14 October 2010
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This video looks at the budget deficit in the US, but its analysis is also relevant to the UK ahead of next week’s Comprehensive Spending Review.    
Ruth Porter
29 September 2010
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The level of critique by self-righteous foodies on TV has reached new heights recently with Jamie’s American Food Revolution. The programme makes for astonishing viewing – school...
Fred Hansen
19 July 2010

The present Democratic leadership of the United States avoids owning up to the “progressive” philosophy it adheres to. This may be because the US government’s finances are expected...
Kristian Niemietz
19 August 2009

A new word has recently entered the English language: Obamacare. It does not yet appear in any dictionary, probably because nobody yet knows its precise meaning. But judging from the proposals...